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360 virtual tour of Viking Bar

You can now visit us on the internet. See Viking Bar in the Soi Green Mango Virtual Tour.

Together with us in this virtual tour is Dreamgirls and Our Bar. This virtual tour is provided by JFK Enterprises Co Ltd.

You can also see this virtual tour in the latest Koh Samui Tourist Guide website. This site is relatively new but is aimed to showing panoramic views of businesses in Koh Samui.

360 Virtual Tour of Soi Green Mango

360 Virtual Tour of Soi Green Mango

Photos in the month of May 2009

This is specially for all our valued customers in the month of May 2009. My laptop was recently stolen from my house while I was away on a Visa trip. Unfortunately this means all the photos and emails that was updated to my laptop are all gone now. Most of the photos have been updated to our website except for the ones taken in May.

We have some printed and shown our Wall of Fame in the bar. Unfortunately I did not have the time to upload them to our website before leaving for my yearly Visa. Our apologies to our customers as we cannot upload your pictures for you and your friends to view.

Those of you who have taken photos and are willing to share with us and others, please send them to me at judy@vikingbar.net.

Also, any of you who wish to give us your email address in order that you can remain in our mailing lists, please drop me a mail.

Thank you for your assistance.

Foxy’s Bar & Grill

To celebrate our new name, we are organizing a FREE BBQ including 1 FREE beer or 1 glass of house wine this coming Saturday, 2nd May 2009 from 7pm onwards.

There will also be live entertainment followed by karaoke session.

Come with your friends and family and join us to celebrate this occassion.

Viking Bar Choeng Mon Changing Name

After 13 months of operation, we have decided to rename Viking Bar Choeng Mon to Foxy’s Bar and Grill.

The main reason for this name change is to avoid confusion when customers refer to Viking Bar. There is because Viking Bar in Chaweng offers different variety of drinks from that in Choeng Mon. At the same time, in Choeng Mon, we offer food which is not available in Chaweng.

The name Foxy’s was chosen to reflect our name. And since we are both a bar and grill, we thought it was appropriate to name it as such.

The management and ownership of both bars remain the same.

Watch this space for the announcement of our next BBQ to launch the new name.

Songkran 2009

While Bangkok was facing demonstrations and unrest, in Samui, everything was very peaceful. Songkran was celebrated in the same style as in previous years.

On Sunday 12th, eve of Songkran, our regulars from our Choeng Mon branch came down to Viking Bar in Soi Green Mango to celebrate Songkran. As early as 8pm, the bars in Soi Green Mango started the tradition set in Samui by splashing everyone with water.

The amusing scene was that guarding Viking Bar front was mainly guys while the bars opposite was mainly girls. It was almost like a ‘war of the sexes’.

We thought we would be kind and not use ice in our water tubs. However, after several attacks of ice cold water, we changed tactics and placed ice into our tubs as well. Everyone was feeling the icy cold shivers when splashed with water.

A few small incidents happen as some passerby did not want to participate but was caught in the water war. But then again, why walk down Soi Green Mango if you do not wish to get wet!

On Songkran day, 13th, traffic was almost at a standstill in Chaweng. But in Bang Rak area, there were only pockets of crowds, hence, traffic was smooth flowing.

The water war ended on the 13th night and everything returned to normal on the 14th. One would never have thought that so much water was used just in 1.5 days. It was also very lucky that both days were hot and sunny.

Manchester United vs Everton

Title: Manchester United vs Everton
Location: Viking Bar, Chaweng and Choeng Mon
Link out: Click here
Description: FA Cup 2009 Semi Finals 2 (LIVE)
Start Time: 21:30
Date: 2009-04-19

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Title: Arsenal vs Chelsea
Location: Viking Bar, Chaweng & Choeng Mon
Link out: Click here
Description: FA Cup 2009 Semi Finals 1 (Live)
Start Time: 23:00
Date: 2009-04-18

Latest Visa Rules

I thought I would share the latest news on the visa rules with my readers.

Sometime between November and December last year, the Thai government decided to change the visa rules again.

As usual, visitors are classified by the 3 categories. The first are those from countries that are given 30 days on arrival, the second are those from countries that are given 15 days on arrival and the final category are those who must apply for a visa before entering. Most of us fall in the first category anyway, so everything that is mentioned here refers to tourists from this category.

Anyone who now comes into Thailand without a Visa will be given the standard 30 day exempt Visa when you arrive at the airport. If you stay more than 30 days, you will be required to do the normal visa run. The catch is in the visa run. Now you are given only 15 days when you do a visa run (previously you get 30 days) via road.

There is no longer any limit to how many 15 day run you can make.

For more information, you can visit ThaiVisa website.
So please make sure you apply for a visa in your own home country before coming here if you intend to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days.

BBQ Buffet Party

Title: BBQ Buffet Party
Location: Viking Bar, Tongsai Road, Choeng Mon
Description: February BBQ Buffet Party. Only 100 baht per person excluding drinks. We serve BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Burgers, Sausages, Asian Fare, Salads, Bacon Tomato Roll and many more.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2009-02-26
End Time: 23:59

Book and DVD Lending Library

We have started a book and DVD lending library in our Choeng Mon bar.

You can rent a book for only 50 baht. A deposit of 150 baht for each book rented is required. The deposit will be refunded when the book is returned.

The cost for renting a movie DVD is also 50 baht with a refundable deposit of 150 baht.

If you donate a book to our collection, you will be able to rent a book for free.

Our Choeng Mon pub is open from 5pm to midnight daily. We are closed on Sundays.