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Yard of Ale

Mid this year John brought back a Yard of Ale glass as a new addition for our customers. We thought this would be a good compliment to our shot competition.

The Yard would take 5 bottles of beer and the challenge is to drink it all down without stopping. Last week, we finally had a […]

Working 13 hours !!!

Last week was a real test of our endurance. Our main staff on afternoon duty, Palla, had to go with her boyfriend to Penang for his first time application of a tourist visa. The trip to Penang for this application takes in total 4 days. She left on Wednesday and was scheduled to return on […]

Is it safe to visit Thailand and Malaysia

Strange how certain events can change the perspective of anyone. Just a couple of weeks ago, a coup was declared in Thailand. While most of the world’s opinion is that it is wrong, this coup is truly one of the most peaceful coup one can ever see.

There was no bloodshed, no arrests or any […]