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Free Concert by Timbuktu

We hear that Timbuktu will be performing for free in Koh Tao this 15th. If any of you are interested and would like more information, come to Viking Bar in Chaweng. Talk to Jonathan about it. (Note: Jonathan is one of our valued customer.)

New hours in Chaweng

We are now open from 7.30pm to 3am in Chaweng. Due to staff shortage, we no longer can open for the afternoon. To our customers who have been used to our afternoons, we sincerely apologize for this.

And the good news for those of you who party late – our happy hour is now extended till 2am in Chaweng.

Our happy hour is one of the best in Soi Green Mango. Chang beer is sold at 120 baht for 3 bottles. AND we keep your additional bottles in fridge cold until you need them. Singha and Tiger is at 140 baht for 3 bottles while Heineken and San Miguel Light is at 160 baht for 3 bottles.

Not to be missed is also our buckets. At happy hour, our house vodka bucket (with either redbull, coke or sprite) is priced at only 270 baht. It comes with 8 shots (or 24cl) of vodka. And our Sangsom or Maekhong bucket comes with a full small bottle.

If a bucket is too much for you, then go for our vodka / gin / sangsom / maekhong mixer glass. Each glass comes with 5cl of alcohol before it is topped up with the mixer.

1st Year Anniversary in Choeng Mon

Time flies really fast. We are now 1 year old in Choeng Mon. On 21st January 2009, we celebrated our 1st year by having a BBQ buffet party.

For those of you who have not been to our BBQ buffet party, I must say that you have missed a meal opportunity. Our BBQ buffet costs only 100 baht per person excluding drinks. For the spread, we will normally have burgers, sausages, BBQ ribs or pork (sometimes both), chicken (either wing sticks or fillet), fried rice, salad, bacon tomato roll (or cow’s eye as some would call it), potatoes (baked, fried or salad) and sometimes, pasta.

For our anniversary, we decided to try something different this time. We setup our music system and bought some karaoke DVDs and all customers had fun either joining in the singing or just watching the performers. All in all, I would say everyone enjoyed themselves. So, we might just put the karaoke as a standard with our future BBQ buffet parties.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you.

Last year has generally been a rather quiet year. There has been too many political issues here in Thailand and one way or another, this has affected many businesses here in Samui.

Now this new year will be another challenging year. Last Christmas and this New Year was a wet year for us here. However our monsoon was very mild. We had only about 1 week’s rain. Maybe that is why our new year has been a bit wet.

The weather looks to be clearing up now and for the last two days, we have had good sunshine.

There has been many changes to the nightlife scenes in Samui. Many bars have changed hands. Luckily for all of us, Viking Bar is still with the same owners..that is US. (ha ha ha).

If you have been in touch with us, you would also know that we have expanded to Choeng Mon last January. Time really flies because our Choeng Mon branch is now almost one year old!!!

Our BBQ nights in Choeng Mon has been very popular last year. And we hope to continue with it this year as well. Staffing has been extremely tough in Choeng Mon as this is an extremely quiet area. This is part of the reason why we cannot organize a regular BBQ night.

Party Night in Chaweng

After the success of our party in Choeng Mon, we decided to replicate the event in our Chaweng bar. So, on 28th July 08, we had our first major party organized together with San Miguel. Live music was again provided by Music and Friends.

San Miguel also held a beer drinking contest here. 6 customers took part and our Danish customer came up tops. He won a lovely jacket from San Miguel. He even took part in singing a solo after the contest.

Free snacks, a variety of sandwiches and bacon roll, was also provided by us.

Take a look at more pictures from our gallery, http://www.vikingbar.net/coppermine

We look forward to organizing more of such events in the future. Share with your comments and let us know whether you would love to see such events. Send us your email if you wish to be kept informed.

Party with Live Music in Choeng Mon

We normally have a BBQ night once a month in our Choeng Mon bar. But for July, we thought we would try something different when San Miguel approached us to promote their beers.

Together with them, we organized a Eat All You Can BBQ night. Live music was provided by Music and Friends, a Phillippino group. The live band was provided by San Miguel.

They also organized a beer drinking contest where the winner would get a lovely San Miguel jacket. Dozens of balloons were placed up all over the bar. And the band equipment was placed just by the stairway.

Customers were charged only 130 baht for the food and it included one San Miguel beer. There was a variety of pork ribs, beef burgers, sausages, bacon and tomato roll, chicken drumsticks, fish nuggets, asparagus and potatoes, salad and kerabu beehon (a Malaysian nonya noodle).

Our guest singer, Amalia, was fantastic. Her performance was great and everyone enjoyed it when she went on stage. Amalia was one of our customers actually and she readily went up to belt up a few songs for us. One other guest sang a Spanish song to the delight of our Spanish customer. I would say that everyone enjoyed themselves very much that night.

Opening of Viking Bar Choeng Mon

We are pleased to announce the opening of our second Viking Bar. This is located in Choeng Mon area in Koh Samui.

Choeng Mon is a nice little quiet area. There are many 5-star hotels and resorts located here and there is a nice little bay.

One of the reasons we chose to open our second bar here is because we like Choeng Mon beach. So, when our house lease was up, we started looking for another place to shift. We found this block of 3 storey buildings that allows us to run a bar downstairs while we stay upstairs.

We signed up for the place in November 07 and things have been very hectic since then. Renovation was a nightmare. Everything needed to be built from scratch as the shop lot came empty. At the same time, we had fun planting our bamboo trees and creating the design for our bar.

Since we had the opportunity of having a small kitchen, we decided to provide some light meals in our Choeng Mon bar. But it will take us another month after opening before we can be ready for it.

We wanted to open on 15th January but the renovations were not completed and we have to delay. Finally we managed to open on the 23rd of January 2008.

Free BBQ and free house wine was provided to all customers on opening night. It was a great night and we were encouraged by the customers that dropped by. Most are local residents and a few were guests of nearby hotels.

HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana passes away

BANGKOK (Nation): After months of receiving treatment for cancer, HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana’s condition deteriorated last night and she passed away 2.54 am this morning. She was 84.

The Princess had been receiving treatment for cancer at Siriraj Hospital for months. Well-wishers had flocked to the hospital since the news spread that she was admitted.

The Princess is the elder sister of two kings of the Chakri Dynasty, HM King Rama Ananda and the current monarch HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The royal funeral will take place at the Dusit Mahaprasart Throne inside the Grand Palace. People who want to pay their respects to the Princess should attend the Sala Saha Thai Samakom at the Grand Palace from 1 pm to 4 pm today.

The mourning period started yesterday and will continue until the 100th day of her departure, the Royal Household Bureau has announced.

Shortly after the news of her death was announced, people in black dress rushed to the hospital to pay their respects to the portrait of Her Majesty posted there.

Viking Bar extends its sincerest condolences to the Royal Family for their loss.

This news is rought to you by:
The Phuket Gazette
08:55 local time (GMT +7)

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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More than just hotel booking from Viking Bar website

Last month we added a new link for booking of hotels in our website under our Link page. The hotels listed under Hotel Club are all over the world and not just for Thailand.

Today, we launched a new page called the Hotel/Flights page. This page caters specifically for hotel bookings, flights, car rentals and even cruises. It is everything to do with your vacation needs.

We have three major organizations that are working with us right now:-

a. Travelocity which gives you the widest range of packages and deals covering flights, cruises, car rentals and of course hotels around the world especially in US and Europe.

b. Hotel Club which gives you a wide selection of medium to high class hotels around the world.

c. Thailand Booking which caters mainly for hotels in all popular destinations in Thailand like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Phi Phi, Krabi, Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and many others. This site range from backpackers hotels to 5/6 star hotels.

We hope you will find all you vacation needs here. If there is more that you wish to see from us, please drop us a note.